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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Specter "in a Tizzy" About Wallace Rating

This week the Legal Times carried a piece on Judiciary Committee Chair Arlen Specter's reaction to the ABA's exceedingly rare "unanimously not qualified" rating of 5th Circuit nominee Michael Wallace. According to the article, Specter sent a letter to the ABA on August 7 demanding a "do-over" -- a rather odd request given that the ABA report relied on interviews with 69 people associated with Mr. Wallace. And it's not like the findings were ambiguous. Take for example this little tidbit that the Legal Times recalled: "A large number of minority lawyers stated that Mr. Wallace has on occasion been particularly disrespectful to them and often did not treat them as equals or peers in the profession." This is all old news by now, but it is, after all, August inside the Beltway. For more Justice Digest posts on Wallace, Specter and the ABA, see here and here.

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