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Thursday, June 22, 2006

DeWine Woos Conservatives By Proving Boyle Bona Fides

Today, The Hill is reporting that Senator DeWine (R-OH) is maneuvering behind the scenes to push the nomination of controversial 4th Circuit nominee Terrence Boyle. Boyle's nomination has been held up over bi-partisan concerns over reported ethical lapses and opposition to his abysmal record on civil rights. According to The Hill report, DeWine -- in a tough reelection fight -- is attempting to appeal to his conservative base by urging Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee and Republican members of the "Gang of 14" to allow the Boyle nomination to proceed. (Not that judgeships are about politics for Republicans. Huh. It's amazing, no matter how many times we say that, it never starts to sound true.) Democrats in the "Gang of 14" had previously called on the Judiciary Committee to hold a new hearing on Boyle's nomination, although Senator Specter has publicly resisted the idea thus far. (In an interesting twist, Specter has his staff running all over the Hill, holding briefings on the Boyle nomination, particularly the ethical questions. He's apparently determined to rehabilitate this nominee. We can't help but wonder why...) Boyle, a protégé of former arch-conservative Senator Jessie Helms, is one nominee that Senate Democrat leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has publicly indicated could warrant a filibuster if his nomination were to reach the Senate floor.

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