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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

From Bolder Advocacy: The nonprofits behind Wendy Davis' stand for reproductive rights

Davis' actions created a "seismic shift" in Texas politics.          Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis achieved an unexpected victory for the reproductive health movement last Wednesday, but she didn’t do it alone.
          While we all know about that now-famous back brace, little attention has been paid to the nonprofits that helped shine the spotlight on this amazing moment, and helped gather the stories about why access to reproductive services is so essential to a woman’s health and freedom.
          “Nonprofits and their supporters put the eyes of the world on Texas,” says Austin-based Jason Sabo, a consultant to progressive nonprofits. “From the outset Sen. Wendy Davis recognized the depth of support for her efforts.  Nonprofits were a critical part of the infrastructure that spread the word about what was happening at the Texas Capitol.”

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