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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

AFJ responds to another bad decision from the D.C. Circuit

Alliance for Justice president Nan Aron issued the following statement today in response to the decision of the United States Court of Appeals for the District Of Columbia Circuit  in National Association Of Manufacturers, et. al. v. National Labor Relations Board, et al.

This decision illustrates how, years after leaving office, Republican presidents are reaping rewards from loading the nation’s second most important court with extreme ideologues.  That’s why Senate Republicans have been desperate to prevent President Obama from filling vacancies on the D.C Circuit

It is urgent to restore balance to the D.C. Circuit by filling its four vacancies with judges who will stand up for the rights of working Americans.

This decision once again reveals a court majority that seems determined to hobble the National Labor Relations Board, the very body charged with protecting workers against unfair labor practices.  In order to prevent employers from having to inform their employees about their rights under federal law, the panel twisted that very law to create a new right for employers to remain silent.

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