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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Supreme Court sneaks into the debate

Well, it’s a start.  There were a few words about the United States Supreme Court during one of the answers in this evening’s vice presidential debate, but no question devoted to the topic.  So once more, a debate has come and gone without the candidates being asked specifically about what could be the most important decision any president can make: whom he would nominate to serve on the Supreme Court.

But this is no time to give up.  There still are two more debates.  The next one is in a “town hall” format, but moderator Candy Crowley is free to ask her own follow-up questions.  Perhaps she’ll follow up on the brief comments about the Court this evening.  The final debate is supposed to deal primarily with foreign policy – but so did the first case heard by the Supreme Court this term.  So there’s plenty of reason to ask the question then, too.

If you’d like to join us in asking the moderators to ask the candidates about the Supreme Court, there is contact information in this previous post to this Blog.

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