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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Best chance yet to get the presidential candidates talking about the Supreme Court

Deadline to submit questions is midnight tonight 

The Oct. 16 presidential debate will be in a town-hall format.  But in addition to taking questions from an audience in the room with the candidates, moderator Candy Crowley may pass on some questions from people who send them in online.

Just click here and fill in the form before midnight tonight to send your question to the Commission on Presidential Debates.  The Commission will pass on some of them to Crowley.  As this is written nearly 1,500 questions have been submitted – but only six of them even mention the Supreme Court.

We can change that.  Submit questions about the Supreme Court.  You can submit the questions we suggested in a letter AFJ sent to the debate moderators on Oct. 1, or come up with your own.  Then vote for the questions you like about the Supreme Court.

With so many cases now decided by one vote, if the next president fills even one Supreme Court vacancy it could change the court, and America, for decades.  The stakes are too high to leave this off the debate agenda.


You also can help us try to put the Supreme Court on the agenda for the vice presidential candidates debate on Thursday. If either Joe Biden or Paul Ryan were to become president, what kind of people would they nominate to serve on the Supreme Court?

Jim Lehrer failed to ask about this during the first presidential debate.  On Thursday it will be Martha Raddatz’s turn.  Please ask her to ask the vice presidential candidates: What about the Supreme Court?  You can contact her at Martha.raddatz@abcnews.com or tweet her @martharaddatz

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