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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

AFJ-backed law will make voting easier in California

While some other states are trying to make it harder for people to vote, California is making it easier.

California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into a law a bill supported by AFJ and other groups to allow people to register to vote on Election Day.  The bill won’t take effect until 2014 at the earliest, in order to allow time to create a computer database of voters. 

In his statement signing the bill Gov. Brown called voting “the sacred right of every citizen.” He added: “While other states try to restrict voters with new laws that burden the process, California allows voters to register online – and even on Election Day.”

There’s much more about voting at our Bolder Advocacy Blog, including a guide to National Voter Registration Day and a report on an AFL-CIO panel discussion on voter suppression.

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