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Monday, May 2, 2011

Washington Post Calls Confirmation Process a "Monster," Argues for a Streamlined Approach

The Washington Post has published an editorial in support of Senate legislation that would streamline the application process for hundreds of lower-level executive branch nominees.

The Post editorial says that "staffing the executive branch has become almost impossible" and that

[T]he Senate confirmation process has become an all-consuming monster for everyone involved, eating time, money and the enthusiasm of potential nominees to enter government service. All face excessive and often redundant vetting — involving FBI background checks, scrubbing of old tax records and scrutiny of one’s private life that few would find fair.

Moreover, the Post says that legislation, while necessary, still "wouldn’t do enough to end the irrationality of the confirmation system," and that background checks "will continue to feel like 'psychological strip-searches.'"
Aside from streamlining the process for executive branch nominees, this legislation could free up valuable floor time, which could allow the Senate to take up other pressing matters such as the confirmation of judicial nominees.

Click here to read the full editorial.

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