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Monday, March 28, 2011

Wal-Mart v. Dukes: The Supreme Court's Big Case Threatens the Ability to Fight Corporate Misbehavior

Tomorrow morning, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Wal-Mart v. Dukes, which promises to be the Court's biggest case of the 2010-11 term.In today's Huffington Post, AFJ President Nan Aron discusses the merits and implications of the case:

What makes this case so important for all Americans is not just the injustice done to hundreds of thousands of workers, it's the desire by Wal-Mart and the corporate powers supporting their case... to restrict the ability of the women harmed by these policies to band together as a class and fight a unified battle in court.

Click here to read Nan's analysis.

This case threatens the ability of American workers to fight back against corporate misbehavior.

Any ruling by the Roberts Court that makes it harder for employees to bring a class action will remove an important safeguard that protects workers when they suffer discrimination.

Click here to read more about this landmark case on the Huffington Post.

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