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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Judicial Snapshot

As Republicans attempt to "revive Obama court pick fight" it is important to stay informed about judicial nominations. At Alliance for Justice we not only keep track of the pace of judicial nominations, we provide in-depth reports for Supreme Court and Circuit Court nominees, and track the status of each nominee in the Senate confirmation process. This data will now be updated regularly on our web site as nominees are announced or move through the confirmation process. We will continue to provide weekly judicial selection updates via email. You can view the most current Judicial Snapshot here.

To catch you up to speed, thus far President Obama has put forth 27 judicial nominees for the federal courts. Only 11 of these nominees have been confirmed by the Senate. One to the Supreme Court, Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Three to the United States Court of Appeals: Gerard Lynch to the Second Circuit, Andre Davis to the Fourth Circuit, and David Hamilton to the Seventh Circuit. Seven District Court nominees have been confirmed: Jeffrey Viken to the District of South Dakota, Roberto Lange to the District of South Dakota, Irene Cornelia Berger to the Southern District of West Virginia, Charlene Honeywell to the Middle District of Florida, Christina Reiss to the District of Vermont, Abdul Kallon to the Northern District of Alabama, and Jacqueline Nguyen to the Central District of California.

There are sixteen nominations currently pending. Nine of these have been nominated to fill Circuit Court vacancies: Rogeriee Thompson to the First Circuit, Denny Chin to the Second Circuit, Thomas Vanaskie to the Third Circuit, Joseph Greenaway to the Third Circuit, Barbara Milano Keenan to the Fourth Circuit, Albert Diaz to the Fourth Circuit, James Wynn to the Fourth Circuit, Jane Branstetter Stranch to the Sixth Circuit, and Beverly Martin to the Eleventh Circuit.

Seven have been nominated to fill District Court seats: Brian Jackson to the Middle District of Louisiana, Louis Butler to the Western District of Wisconsin, William Conley to the Western District of Wisconsin, Richard Seeborg to the Northern District of California, Dolly Gee to the Central District of California, Edward Milton Chen to the Northern District of California, and Rosanna Peterson to the Eastern District of Washington.

As of today, nine of these nominees are pending in the Senate Judiciary Committee (Thompson, Chin, Diaz, Wynn, Vanaskie, Jackson, Butler, Conley, and Peterson). Eight nominees have been reported out of committee and are awaiting votes by the full Senate: Greenaway, Keenan, Martin, Stranch, Seeborg, Gee, and Chen.

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