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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Torture Accountability Day of Action

Today, people from across the country are making calls to the Department of Justice. They are asking Attorney General Holder to release the report on the “torture memos” and authorize a full investigation of torture.

We’ve already received feedback from supporters who have made calls and we will be posting updates on this blog throughout the day about that feedback.

Be sure to Call Attorney General Holder today!

Update: (10:35 am EST) We just got this feedback from a caller:
"Left a message due to high call volume" recording said they would get back to me in regard to the issue. WE WILL SEE.

It sounds like we are already flooding their lines this morning!

Update: (10:50 am EST) more feedback, from people calling in:
He said he was getting other calls about this matter and would pass my concerns along.

Update: (11:50 am EST)
On Huffington Post: Call on Attorney General Holder to Release the "Torture Memos" Report

Update: (12:20 pm EST) Volunteers handing out constitutions and spreading the message in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC.

Update: (1:15 pm EST) More feedback from callers:
The answering machine said that if I got this message during regular working hours (which it was), the office was experiencing a large volume of calls and to please leave a message. I did so, asking that The Attorney General release the memos and then investigate who was responsible and bring them to justice.

Update: (2:45 pm EST) Blog post on Firedoglake, Liberate the OPR Report

Update: (3:00 pm EST) more caller feedback:
They indicate that they were aware of the importance of the issue and would take my call under advisement

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