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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Evidence Points to the Need for Accountability

The news broke yesterday that the government has been hiding video tapes that show the torture of detainee Mohammed al Qhatani. In his ongoing habeas litigation challenging his detention and alleging torture, al Qhatani was entitled to receive any exculpatory information that the government has relating to his case – but for over a year the government failed to even admit the existence of any videotapes of his abuse. Now, thanks to a discovery motion filed by his lawyers at the Center for Constitutional Rights, the government admits that the tapes exist, and the federal court has ordered their release to al Qhatani’s lawyers.

In yesterday's press release, CCR Executive Director Vincent Warren stated, “Mr. al Qahtani’s torture is already well-established, with a clear paper trail that leads all the way up the chain of command... The only question that remains is whether the people ultimately responsible for it will be held accountable for breaking the law and breaking faith with our system of justice.”

He's right, we have a right to know what shameful, unlawful actions were done by our government. These videos make one wonder what other evidence is being kept secret. We cannot prevent history from repeating itself until we know all the facts. Join Alliance for Justice in calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to release the OPR report, and hold accountable those who ordered, designed, and justified torture.

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