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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Liberal Lion Sleeps, but the Dream Lives On

Alliance for Justice deeply mourns the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA). He dedicated his life to the best of America and its values, embodying the fight for justice and equality. Senator Kennedy gave his voice to the voiceless and wielded his power for the powerless. He leaves behind a grateful nation and a legacy that will persist for generations to come.
Alliance for Justice owes a particular debt of gratitude to Senator Kennedy for his extraordinary work on the Senate Judiciary Committee. From fighting for the confirmation of Justice Thurgood Marshall to turning the tide against Robert Bork to urging the passage of the Voting and Civil Rights Acts--arguably the most seminal legislation of the 20th Century—to standing up for the Constitution and the rule of law, Senator Kennedy was not only the lion of the Senate, but the lion of the Judiciary Committee, as well.

In 2007, in a moment that was emblematic of the kind of passion and commitment Senator Kennedy brought to any activity, large or small, he hosted a screening of our film, Quiet Revolution. Such a small thing, but instead of coming in, saying a few words, and going home, he delivered an impassioned speech. That’s his way. Not only did he recognize his duty to serve, he went above and beyond that duty. From education to health care to gender equality to defending our courts, Senator Kennedy could always be counted on as an essential ally. Now we must honor his memory by not only reflecting on his legacy but by continuing to advance the values and causes he so valiantly championed during his unparalleled career.

We have lost a formidable ally, a generous friend and a constant inspiration. But, in the words of Senator Kennedy himself, ‘the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.’

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