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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sotomayor Hearing Day 2

Today we start day two of the Sotomayor confirmation hearing, and it promises to be a more energetic day with the back and forth of questioning. Each senator will get 30 minutes of questioning ; like yesterday, order is determined by committee seniority. We expect Judge Sotomayor to field questions from Republican senators about her ability to be an unbiased judge, a question she touched on yesterday in her opening statement when she pledged “fidelity to the law.” In our recently released fact sheet on Race and the Law regarding this very issue, we observe :

“There is no evidence of any racial bias in any of the hundreds of decisions Judge Sotomayor has written. To the contrary, her jurisprudence in cases involving claims of racial discrimination is very much like her jurisprudence in other areas of the law. She is deliberate, measured, and adheres closely to precedent.”

Stay tuned as we will be releasing more fact sheets on our website as issues arise throughout the hearing.

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Dan Kilian said...

Here are some questions the Republicans should ask.