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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama’s Intelligence Pick Calls for Gitmo Closure

Obama’s director of national intelligence nominee, retired Admiral Dennis Blair, agreed with the new president’s assertion that the detention camp at Guantanamo should be closed. Responding to questions at his Senate confirmation hearing, Adm. Blair suggested that his position on the treatment of detainees was different from the view of the Bush administration. According to Reuters, the president’s choice for spy chief broke with the Bush administration’s view that the CIA should have special authority, stating that “treatment standards for…suspects must apply thought the government.”

Referring to the damage President Bush’s detention policies have done to America’s image abroad, specifically the facilities at Guantanamo Bay, Adm. Blair said “I agree with the president that the detention center at Guantanamo has become a damaging symbol to the world and that it must be closed.” He went on to assert that “there must be clear standards for humane treatment that apply to all agencies of U.S. government, including the intelligence community.” Sounds like Adm. Blair is off to a promising start.

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