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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Symposium Round Up

Unable to attend AFJ’s symposium last week? Not to worry, we had staff live blog and film the panel discussions so that people could catch them later!

Our exciting half-day symposium entitled “Our Rights, Our Courts, Our Future” consisted of three panel discussions regarding consumer protections, executive privilege and the repercussions of the Bush administration’s judicial selection. Speakers included experts like Linda Greenhouse, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), Diana Levine, Dahlia Lithwick and Jeffrey Rosen, among others, who provided fascinating insights.

The live-blogs kept by our staff are available on our Justice Watch blog here:

Access Denied? Our Courts and Consumer Protections

Diana Levine, whose case will be argued in front of the Supreme Court this term, shared with us the real life repercussions of a pro-business judiciary.

Executive Privilege: Abuse of Presidential Power in the Bush Administration

Congressman Ellison honored us with his presence on this exciting panel and gave his own take on the importance of oversight.

Repercussions of Judicial Selection in the Bush Administration

Probably the most lasting legacy of President Bush’s two terms, former New York Times Supreme Court reporter, Linda Greenhouse provided her observations on how the courts have changed under the Bush administration.

Video footage of our panel discussions is available on our website here.

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