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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

AFJ Releases Mukasey Nine Month Report

Today, Alliance for Justice released its Nine Month Report on Michael Mukasey’s tenure as attorney general. In it we discuss his failure to properly distinguish his role as the nation’s chief law enforcement official from his service as an agent of the hyper-partisan Bush administration.

With five months remaining in Bush’s term, Mukasey appears to be pursuing a strategy of delay and postponement in an effort to provide cover for the Bush administration’s many abuses of power. In the three months since AFJ’s last report, the most important events have come from outside Mr. Mukasey’s purview, as the Department of Justice’s Inspector General, Congress, and private citizens have started the arduous process of holding the Department accountable. Mr. Mukasey’s refusal to cooperate with these efforts has proved rather troubling.

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