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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Media Does Matter

As we reported on Monday, the Justice Department’s Inspector General, along with the Office for Professional Responsibility, released a report stating that the DOJ had illegally used political considerations in hiring career attorneys. One of the most disturbing revelations found in the report was a section discussing how a senior terrorism official had been passed over for a position because of his wife’s political beliefs. Instead, the department promoted a junior staffer with no terrorism experience whatsoever.

While we found this report alarming, major news outlets seemed unaffected. According to Media Matters, a terrific organization which promotes fair and balanced (Sorry Mr. O’Reilly!) news coverage, “evening news broadcasts on CBS and NBC failed to cover” the report and ABC’s World News “devoted less than 30 seconds” to it.

Truthfully, we’re not sure how to take this. If these news programs did not cover the issue because so much has already been released regarding the rampant politicization at Justice, that is…disheartening to say the least. If they ignored the story because they felt that it wasn’t important, then we have a problem. What could possibly be more serious than the politicization of our justice system?

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