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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Senate Judiciary Committee Slow but Steady

The Senate Judiciary Committee is keeping busy this week. Despite all the hype about Senate confirmation battles, the Committee will hold hearings this week on four district court nominees: Paul G. Gardephe for the Southern District of New York, Kiyo A. Matsumoto the Eastern District of New York, Cathy Seibel for the Southern District of New York, and Glenn T. Suddaby for the Northern District of New York.

This Wednesday also marks the first of a series of hearings meant to highlight the importance of the United States Supreme Court. This week’s session is titled, “Short-change for Consumers and Short-shrift for Congress? The Supreme Court’s Treatment of Laws that Protect Americans’ Health, Safety, Jobs and Retirement.” A mouthful yes, but certainly a worthwhile topic – especially considering the many pro-business decisions coming out of the Roberts Court.

Finally, on Thursday, the Committee has scheduled votes on Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals nominees Helene White and Raymond Kethledge, as well as Michigan District Court nominee Stephen Murphy. While these nominees' hearings were held over a month ago, Senate Republicans objected to holding votes on their nominations pending a new ABA rating for Judge White, who was rated "Qualified" when she was initially nominated to the court in 1997 by President Bill Clinton.

Meanwhile, the entire Senate voted to confirm three district court nominees today, including Mark S. Davis for the Eastern District of Virginia, David Gregory Kays for the Western District of Missouri, and Stephen N. Limbaugh, Jr. for the Eastern District of Missouri.

We will be sure to keep you updated on any and all new developments.

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