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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

AFJ Asks Erwin Chemerinsky About Judges, Civil Liberties and the Fourth Amendment

Yesterday, Professor Erwin Chemerinsky of Duke Law School participated in a live chat on FireDogLake as part of our First Monday Series. The chat coincided with the launch of Alliance for Justice's latest short film, which you can watch below.

Professor Chemerinsky, one of the nation's leading experts on consitutional law, discussed civil liberties and Fourth Amendment protections:
I think that [the] political candidates are appealing to what they think will get them votes. They believe that the American people don’t really care about the abuses that have occurred in the war on terror. They fear that complaining about...the war on terror will make them look soft. I believe that they are grossly underestimating the American people and [their] commitment to the rule of law and human rights.

To learn more about AFJ's First Monday Series check out our website at here. To read yesterday's entry on FireDogLake, click here.

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