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Friday, April 25, 2008

CREDO Says “Senator McCain Should Apologize to Women”

When the Senate fell just shy of overcoming a filibuster on the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act earlier this week, only two members failed to show up for the vote on this crucial civil rights bill: Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) and Senator John McCain (R-AZ). Senator Hagel has not issued a public explanation for his absence, leading to some speculation that he might have wanted to avoid a tough vote. But Senator McCain went on record against the legislation, saying that it would open the floodgates to too many lawsuits and positing that women simply need “education and training,” rather than the ability to enforce laws against discriminatory pay. Our friends at CREDO Mobile disagree with Senator McCain’s assessment and have started a petition asking him to apologize for his condescending comments and stop supporting the filibuster:

Lilly Ledbetter and women across the country are not only paid less when they have the same education and same training, but also for doing the exact same job as men. The only difference between men and women in the workplace is women bring home less money to take care of their families.
Click here to sign CREDO Mobile’s petition and urge Senator McCain to show up and stand up for the civil rights of all Americans.

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