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Friday, March 14, 2008

USA Today Examines Bush Legacy

USA Today published an article this morning examining what will likely be President Bush's most enduring and successful (at least from his perspective) legacy: packing the federal courts with judges and justices who will carry out a conservative agenda from the bench. The article points out that while Bush may not get quite as many judges appointed as Reagan or even Clinton, in many ways the impact of his selection program will be much more far-reaching, making particular note of President Bush's selection of conservative Supreme Court Justices and the length of time that they will serve. Of course, we have to point out that Alliance for Justice's very own Nan Aron is quoted in the article. She notes that "He [Bush] made significant strides in cementing the modern court-packing legacy begun by Ronald Reagan."

To read the entire article in USA Today, click here. Also, to learn more about President Bush’s court packing agenda check out our website at http://www.afj.org/connect-with-the-issues/independent-courts-fair-judges.html.

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