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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Congress May Be Resting, But We Aren't

Even though Congress is currently out on recess, we are still working hard to restore balance to our nation's courts. We are continuing to monitor President Bush's pending judicial nominees, as well as our efforts to educate the public on what will be Bush's most lasting legacy - a more conservative federal bench. Alliance for Justice recently hosted a lecture series event on this topic featuring CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin. Video from this event is posted below.

A prime example of Bush's courtpacking efforts can been found in what he has managed to do to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, a court that handles cases from Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. With the exception of one seat, President Bush has filled every vacancy on that circuit with conservative judges. In his attempt to fill the final remaining seat, Bush has put forward another controversial nominee, Catherina Haynes. To read more about the status of this extremely important court, read AFJ's Packing the Fifth Circuit.

Even though Congress does not return to Washington until April, it's more important than ever to educate your friends, neighbors, and colleagues about the status of our judiciary so that we can all prepare for the battles that lie ahead. We need to be prepared to fight President Bush's attempts to push through his remaining ultra-conservative nominees when Congress returns.

1 comment:

Lloyd Gaddis said...

The next Congress should impeach the remaining Supreme Court Judges that voted to "Stop Counting Votes in the State of Florida in Election2000. In three places, the US Constitution requires all votes to be counted. Judges are to intrepret the US Constitution, not to change it. This would also send a message to the Bush Crime Family Judges that they need to do their job properly. For example, the Valarie Plame case was thrown out instead of processed. (It would also allow President Obama to correct the Fascia court.