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Friday, February 22, 2008

Haynes Nomination Too Risky for Judiciary

Following yesterday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals nominee Catherina Haynes, Alliance for Justice released a statement arguing that her nomination is too risky for the judiciary and the American public to be allowed to move forward.
Judge Haynes' lack of experience, combined with her failure to provide meaningful answers during today's hearing, makes this nomination too risky for the judiciary and the American people. A nominee for a seat on a federal appeals court must have a record of excellence in the law, impeccable integrity, and a deep commitment to equal justice for all. Judge Haynes does not satisfy this standard.
This circuit has historically been a source of fairness and justice for millions of Americans. But under the court-packing policies of the Bush Administration, the balance of this hugely important court has been tilted to right - a shameful development that will affect the lives of people in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi for decades to come. At the relatively young age of 45, Catherina Haynes could conceivably hold her seat for over 40 years. This risk is simply too great to accept and the Senate should act quickly to ensure that only the most qualified and independent-minded judges are approved for these life-time appointments.

To read AFJ's entire statement, click here. To learn more about Catherina Haynes or other Bush nominees, check out our website at http://www.afj.org/check-the-facts/nominees/.

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