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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mukasey's Justice Department: More of the Same

ABC News reported this week that Attorney General Mukasey has refused to hand over information regarding the destruction of CIA interrogation tapes to Congress. Despite hopes that Mukasey would distinguish himself from his lackluster predecessor Alberto Gonzales, the news of his current refusal to work with Congressional leaders raises fears that not much has changed at Justice. The readers of the Justice Watch blog certainly seem to agree: 44% of respondents to last week's poll question "What grade would you give AG Muaksey so far?" graded Mukasey’s performance at the Justice Department a disturbingly low D, and 34% gave him an F.

During the Attorney General’s confirmation hearings only a few short months ago, Democratic and Republican leadership alike encouraged Mukasey to provide an independent voice and to give new direction to the Justice Department. Unfortunately, his tenure has yet to put public fears to rest, and his latest refusal to appoint a special counsel to investigate the “TapeGate” scandal - let alone to provide relevant investigation materials to Congress - is troubling. It is only the first quarter, though, so maybe he can turn things around in time for a better final grade.

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