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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Southwick to be Voted On Tomorrow

Senators Reid and Leahy both spoke on the Senate floor today about the Southwick nomination. They responded to Senator McConnell’s oft-repeated charges that the Democrats are obstructing Judge Southwick’s confirmation for no good reason. Senator Leahy had delayed a vote on Southwick at the request of his Republican colleagues. However, he stated that he was sick of the crying and complaining and that he had scheduled Judge Southwick for a vote in the Judiciary Committee tomorrow. Please contact the senators on the Judiciary Committee and remind them to vote against bringing Judge Southwick’s nomination to the Senate floor. For more information on all the reasons to oppose Judge Southwick, see here, here and here.

Urge your Senator to oppose Judge Southwick: http://ga1.org/campaign/say_no_to_southwick_2007

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