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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nan Aron Takes on the Washington Post

Alliance for Justice President, Nan Aron, wrote an Op-Ed which ran in today’s Washington Post. In it, she refuted the claims in a recent George Will column and a Washington Post editorial. Both repeated the right-wing talking points that opposition to Judge Southwick revolves around only two cases. As Aron pointed out:

The opposition doesn't stem from anecdote but analysis, analysis that reveals overwhelmingly one-sided patterns. The Post said that opponents of Southwick “haven't made their case.” But this argument doesn't reflect the most substantive points that opponents raise.

A nominee's record is the best predictor of what he or she will do on the bench. Southwick's record predicts that those in the 5th Circuit's jurisdiction have much to fear regarding their legal rights and protections. Moreover -- and overlooked by The Post -- the patterns in Southwick's record fit this administration's pattern of behavior.

For with the assistance of conservative activists, allies in the Senate and in well-funded interest groups, and the amen chorus of commentators such as Will, George W. Bush has appointed a succession of appellate judges who will serve his administration's ideological agenda long after he has left office.

While Nan hasn’t stopped the right wing from distorting the truth about Judge Southwick, at least someone is presenting the facts about his record.

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