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Friday, December 8, 2006

Still Fighting It

Movement conservatives are tenaciously clinging to their agenda in the last few days of a Republican-controlled Senate, attempting to ram through fourteen judges in their last breath before turning the chamber over to Democrats in January. But Democrats don't think that a week-long lame duck session is an appropriate time to push through over a dozen lifetime appointees, especially after the Judiciary Committee shuttled these names to the floor without giving adequate time for deliberation. (Meanwhile Senator Brownback (R-KS), is still doggedly refusing to remove a hold he placed on consensus district court nominee Janet T. Neff, because she attended her lesbian neighbor's commitment ceremony years ago.) Under the circumstances, the Democrats have good reason to hold off on nominees until the next Congress, when they will get the scrutiny a lifetime appointment deserves.

Breaking news: The Senate did confirm Judge Kent Jordan to a seat on the Third Circuit today, but with the Senate now closing shop for the holidays, it looks like that's as far as the Republicans'll get.

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